Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rudy is FUCKED...Hillary cedes South Carolina to Obama

Rudy sucked...we cut him.

Rudy Giuliani's quest for the Republican Presidential Nomination is officially over. Earlier this week I said that he would need a very close 2nd or 25% of the vote in the Florida Primary if he is to stay viable but those two outcomes seem to get dimmer and dimmer as we speak. A new Mason-Dixon poll has Giuliani in 3rd place with 18% of the vote; Mitt Romney and John McCain are ahead of Rudy with 30% and 26% respectively. The last GOP debate before the Florida Primary is tonight on MSNBC (THE PLACE OF POLITICS!) and Rudy literally needs a miracle, something like Romney and McCain dropping the F-Bomb are the only thing that will help Giuliani now.

It is clear that Rudy's "big state" strategy has completely failed. Other candidates have tried this in the past and they have failed. It is very clear now that you CAN NOT ignore the early states; they give you momentum and help with your fundraising if you perform well. The interesting thing about this whole Rudy situation is that he campaigned HARD in New Hampshire! He held over 100 events in the Granite State 2nd only to Romney and he STILL came in 4th. We should have seen this coming; Rudy is obviously not a viable candidate then or now, maybe never. Call us back Rudy when you have done something on the large scale.

Hillary gives South Carolina, puts a bow on it for Obama.

Hillary Clinton left the Palmetto State earlier this week to move on to bigger and better things, at least in her mind. She went onto California to fundraise and campaign in the biggest Super Tuesday state where she courted the Latino vote. Then she was onto out very own state to get the endorsement of Governor Ed Rendell who from what I hear is a possible VP candidate (that will leave a HUGE hole in the Eagles post-game show where the Gov is a regular in the fall). Hillary is not in South Carolina in person but she is there through marriage, yes Bill Clinton has stayed back to keep her campaign going but it really looks like Hillary is looking beyond South Carolina and into Super Tuesday where we should find out a lot more about this Democratic Campaign. The most recent poll in South Carolina (Reuters/CSpan/Zogby) has Obama with a 15 point lead and the Real Clear Politics avg. has Obama with an 11 point lead, all of this points to Hillary leaving with out a fight.

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