Wednesday, February 20, 2008

10-0bama...It Looks Like Hillary Will Need a Miracle

Senator Barack Obama won the Wisconsin Primary last night, defeating Senator Hillary Clinton by 17 points 58%-41%. At first look it seems that Obama had a nice night where he probably sunk into some of Clinton's voters to help him achieve victory but after sifting through the exit polls it is very apparent that Obama is doing something very amazing. Obama's core group of supporters has been college-educated and affluent voters as well as young people and African-Americans, but now it is clear that Obama is really grabbing many of the old Clinton supporters. Obama won 53% of the white vote and 48% of the women vote, places where he needed to do better if he really wanted to show he had the "electability" quality. Those numbers are improvements from Super Tuesday when he won only 41% of the white vote and the women vote. He split non-college degree voters 50-50 with Hillary, a large part of her original base.

Barack Obama also won he once home state of Hawaii. They held a caucus last night and Obama won big, garnering 76% of the vote to Hillary's 24%, that gave Obama is 10th straight victory since Super Tuesday and now it appears that Texas and Ohio are MUST WINS for Hillary Clinton if she still would like to be the Democratic Nominee. It is so puzzling when you look at the strategy Clinton employed after Super Tuesday; she basically did not campaign hard in any of these states from Washington even up to Wisconsin. Its almost as if she didn't think they mattered and employed the Rudy Strategy where you skip states to go onto the bigger "more important" ones. This has backfired terribly on Hillary because she is now facing a big mountain to climb. She was and is still leading in Texas and Ohio but new polls out of Texas suggest that her lead is shrinking, after the 1st polls came out early last week they showed Clinton with a 15-20 point lead in Texas but the last few polls to come in show her with leads a low as 2%.

Senator John McCain seems to think Barack Obama is the front-runner as well now. During his victory speech after the Wisconsin Primary was called in his favor he gave a speech similar to the ones Hillary gave, he spoke about Obama's being full of hot air and he played the experience card and he never mentioned Clinton once.

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