Friday, February 29, 2008

4 More Days, McCain Already Running A General Election Campaign

4 More Days

We are just 4 days away from "Mini-Tuesday", "Super Tuesday-2", or whatever the cable news channels will come up with over the weekend. As it stands right now Senator Barack Obama seems to have caught up to Senator Hillary Clinton in both of the big states that go to the polls on Tuesday: Texas and Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont are also set to vote on Tuesday. As you may or may not remember I predicted last week that Obama's momentum would carry him to leads in the polls in Texas by mid-week and would pull him even to Hillary by the weekend in Ohio, well my friends, I was right on.

In the most recent poll in Ohio Obama is only 2 points away from Clinton and only 5 away in the previous few, Clinton was up by an astounding 21 points as late as February 12th. In Texas things look even more morbid for the Clinton Campaign. Over the last 6 polls taken in the Lone Star State over this last week Clinton only leads in one of those polls, by 4%, while Obama leads in 4 of those polls, 3 by 4%, but the most recent poll had Obama with a 6 % lead.

Yesterday however, Clinton got a bit of good news, her campaign announced that she had raised $35 Million dollars in the month of February. That is a monster number of money raised, earlier in the campaign Obama raised $36 Million in January setting the record for most money raised in a month. Upon hearing this news the Obama Campaign was quick to point out that they had raised "considerably more" than Clinton. Some people close to the campaign are putting out numbers like $50 or $60 Million for Obama in February, and I'm guessing both will try to capitalize on the extra day in this month.

All of this makes me thing about former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards who famously said on the eve of the 1983 election "The only way I can lose this election is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy" and no matter whether you find that funny or distasteful I have a feeling that is what it is like for Obama as of this moment, Clinton has been unable to rattle him at all. She had 14 days of no one voting, the longest period with out a vote since this whole thing got started, and forever in politics time I might add and she could not stop his momentum. She had 2 debates and could do nothing to keep him from continuing on his way. People are starting to try to figure out what it will take for Clinton to stay in this race; does she need to win both of the big states Texas and Ohio? Does she only have to win one of them? Can she get away with just taking Rhode Island? (Obama is expected to take Vermont by a considerable margin) These are not the questions you want to be fielding from the media. And the one good news Clinton receives, 35 MILLION DOLLARS!!! That is so much money, a great haul by all accounts and what happens? Obama pulls in 50, possibly 60? You have to feel bad for Hillary right now. John McCain doesn't even talk about her now; he exclusively spars with Obama now.

McCain and Obama Spar About Iraq

Over the course of this week, starting on Tuesday when Barack Obama was asked a hypothetical during the Ohio Debate whether he would go back (after withdrawing) into Iraq if Al-Qaeda was trying to set up a base, Obama answered yes, he would want to protect American interests. The next day Senator John McCain, the de-facto GOP presidential nominee, grilled Obama about the fact that Al-Qaeda is already in Iraq.
It's called Al-Qaeda in Iraq

McCain said this as he painted Obama as naive and a neophyte. Obama responded by saying that there was no Al-Qaeda in Iraq until we invaded Iraq, Obama tied McCain with President Bush and tried to show McCain as the old school and himself as the new school. CNN put together a little piece of their responses.

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