Tuesday, February 26, 2008

live Blog-The Final Debate?

"i always get the 1st question on all these issues" -Clinton

"if you saw the SNL skit you could see..."-Clinton
WAHHHHH get over it and get to the topic.

Hillary says she has ALWAYS been against NAFTA, I would bet Obama says something to contradict that.

Bingo here he goes. He mentions she was for NAFTA while campaigning for Senate in 2000. I'm sure she will also have something to say to that.

Hillary Clinton on Free Trade according to CNN
"Supported NAFTA while first lady but now believes NAFTA should be changed. During a 2005 trip to India, she stated, "There is no way to legislate against reality. Outsourcing will continue." However, during 2007 presidential debates, she said outsourcing was a problem. Would end the tax breaks that exist in the tax code for outsourcing jobs and have trade agreements with enforceable labor and environmental standards."

Obama according to CNN
"Would immediately call the leaders of Mexico and Canada to try to amend NAFTA. Would eliminate tax breaks for companies that are moving overseas. He stated, "We also have to have an intentional strategy on the part of the federal government to make sure that we are reinvesting in those communities that are being burdened by globalization and not benefiting from it."

Tim Russert is hammering Clinton on her prior NAFTA comments, trying to pin her down on whether she would get out in 6 months, she says no but wants to revise it.

OOOO she told Russert he doesn't have all the record!

Russert says Obama told Iowa farmers that NAFTA had some advantages in 2004, Obama says Clinton's response was right on. Use threat of opting out in order to revise it

"I want to be an advocate for workers"- Obama

BASH BUSH TIME, Obama gets the 1st whack at the pinata.

Clinton wants to make 5 Millions new jobs in the next 10 years!!!!!! Thats crazy!

Blame it on Bush, Clinton's turn.

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