Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Live Blog-The Final Debate?

The 2nd half of the debate opens with Clinton's mocking Obama on the campaign trail.

Obama gives her points for delivery, but understands the broader point she is trying to make read: "Speeches, not Solutions".

This gives Obama a chance to run down his whole deal, I'm sure he loves this softball.

Personal story time, he met 4 women, at a table like this one...Russert is impressed.

Clinton's talks about the video.
She responds by talking about Health insurance.......i want to shoot myself.

Now Clinton gets to run down her whole deal, she is happy because she got asked the question 2nd.

Williams is really trying to pick a fight here, now showing Obama talking about Hillary using her 1st lady years to be "co-president"

"hope is not enough"-Obama, at least he knows

Obama slams Clinton on her special interest ties.

Russert hammers Obama on Public Financing. Basically that means each candidate (Rep and Dem) gets 85 mill to campaign with starter after the Conventions.

Obama waffles on this, and Russert let him go, interesting.

Russert to Clinton on her tax returns, why wot she release them?
Obama has but Hillary and Bill has yet to.

She will release them, "upon becoming the nominee or earlier"...it is already earlier Hillary.

Russert, will you release 10,000 pages of your daily calendar as 1st lady?
Clinton says yes but has not released it yet, she says ASAP.

Lewis Farrakhan makes an entrance, Obama denounces his anti-semitic remarks but doesn't say he denounces his endorsement.

Russert pushing Obama on issues with Jews, Israel.

Obama says he was a "stalwart" supporter of Israel. He has strong support from Jewish community.
He wants to rebuild the relationship among jewish americans and african americans.

Clinton piping in about her "similar" situation in her senate campaign, she says she did not want to be around anyone with such ideals...implicating denouncing Farrakhan isn't enough for Clinton.

They both agree to reject and denounce. Oy.


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