Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hillary Gets a Tad Upset

Here is video of Hillary's outburst yesterday about Barack Obama...its quite entertaining.

Now she claims that those two flyers that were being handed out by the Obama campaign were not true, and whether that is true or not it appears that Clinton is grasping at straws right now. Obama was attacked pretty severely in South Carolina when Clinton bent the truth to her advantage and you never saw Obama come storming on stage waving her hands around like a mother scolding her child. This video will be exactly what people think about when someone makes a "Hillary is a witch" comment, and after looking at that video could you argue?

Here is an example of Clinton taking Obama out of context. Early in the campaign Obama spoke about Ronald Reagan and how he put the country on a different path, as did JFK in the early 60s. He mentions that Republicans were the party of ideas then but Hillary twisted it into something a little different. Check it out

And here is a Clinton radio ad skewing those thoughts.

Whether Obama's flyers were right or not, and from what I have read one appears to be false and the other is basically right on, Hillary acts like these tactics are just down right TRBL. (That’s terrible in Charles Barkley speak) when in fact she is playing the same dirty tricks herself. I bring this up because that "shame on you, Barack Obama" cut is going to get played every 20 minutes all week...and we just thought we were going to have to live with "change you can Xerox for the next 10 days.


joel said...

word... she owes him an obama-pology (if you haven't seen it...

The Talented Mr. Know it All said...

will do, ill check it out