Friday, February 29, 2008

Bill Clinton Was The Comeback Kid Well Before New Hampshire In 1992

Back in 1992 Bill Clinton was not the assumed front-runner leading up to Primary Season, in fact he was one of the lesser candidates and when it came to New Hampshire he was way down with about a week to go but he closed the gap and even though he still came in 2nd to Senator Paul Tsongas Clinton has all of the momentum and wound up as the democratic nominee that year. However this was not the 1st time Bill Clinton made a political comeback. Back in 1972 Senator George McGovern was running against the incumbent President Richard Nixon, McGovern was a candidate that the people of the Democratic party wanted to believe in, they were sick of Nixon and his croneyism and the Vietnam War (sound familiar?) well McGovern was suppose to be the guy to take back America from the evil Dick Nixon. Well something went terribly wrong, McGovern got his ass handed to him, losing by 22 points. The late, and great, Hunter S. Thompson wrote about this in his book Better Than Sex, a book about the 1992 presidential election, here is an excerpt from it about our buddy Bill.

Another thing I still remember from that horrible day in November of '72 was that some dingbat named Clinton was said to be almost single-handedly responsible for losing 222 counties in Texas--including Waco, where he was McGovern's regional coordinator--and was "terminated without pay, with prejudice," and sent back home to Arkansas "with his tail between his legs" as an aide put it. "We'll never see that stupid bastard again," one aide muttered. "Clinton--Bill Clinton. Yeah. Let's remember that name. He'll never work again, not in Washington"

Hunter started the next page with the words "O Ye of little faith", you can't make that stuff up. So Bill Clinton was in the middle of it back in 1972, with Hillary if I remember correctly because 35 years of experience would put Hillary back into 1972 where she also was involved in McGovern's candidacy. Politics is a strange and cruel entity where one day you are riding high and the next day you are slumming it, or in this case the other way around.

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