Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Live Blog-The Final Debate?

They both love new energy, they heart new energy big time. Wind, Solar, Hydro...it sounds like Captain Planet with Bio-fuel replacing the "heart" guy...he sucked anyway.

Williams quotes Clinton on comparing Obama to Bush and asks him what he thinks about his foreign policy credentials.

Obama brings up the Iraq vote, he trade mark by now, "$12 billion a month in a Iraq" he wants to take some of that and use it to pursue his Captain Planet Plan.

Williams asks if Clinton thinks Obama will be a good Commander-and Chief.

She mentions his 2002 speech, but said he didn't have a say in anything then meaning it meant nothing.

"He threatened to bomb Pakistan"....who wouldn't?

Hillary plays the first-lady card "been to 80 countries" also that she has been on the armed service board in the Senate.

Obama's turn: "I was one of the most vocal opponents of the war"..."this was a big strategic blunder"

Obama clarifies Pakistan stance. Says he would only bomb Pakistan if he had actionable intelligence and the Pakistani Government were not going to do anything.

Troop Withdrawl questions.

Obama-initiate a phased withdrawl, provide continued support, important not to be held hostage by Iraqi gov't.

Clinton-no military solution without full co-operation from iraqi gov't, 1 to 2 brigades a month.

Clinton goes after Obama on his seat on the foreign relations commitee, not holding hearings etc.

Obama says he has only been a chair in that committee since beginning of 2007 start of Presidential Campaign.

Clinton wants one more rebuttal but alas, NBC has to pay the bills.

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