Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Live Blog-The Final Debate?

Obama addresses the mail out flyers and then turns it around to mention Clinton's flyers in Iowa and South Carolina. And now he mentions HIS healthcare plan.

Clinton has a rebuttal about her healthcare now.

and now back to Obama.

Back back and forth and forth, back back and forth and forth....this is like a Wu-Tang song.

Bottom Line: Clinton wants to mandate healthcare for everyone, garnishing wages if you don't buy it.

Obama wants to make healthcare more affordable but doesn't want to mandate it for all, leaving out the 15 million people Clinton always quotes.

The longer this discussion goes on the better it is for Obama, the more he talks the more he proves he has some substance on the issues.

Hillary talking over Obama.

16 Minute discussion as Brian Williams points out....time for NAFTA...WHOOOPPPEEEE

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